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Why You Should Watch Under An Arctic Sky By Chris Burkard

A self-taught photographer, director, author, speaker and an explorer, Chris Burkard has established himself as a well-known personality on various platforms. Based in the Central Coast of California, Chris is famous for his marvellous lifestyle, adventure and landscape photos, which will not only take your breath away, but also make your heart skip a beat!

It is his undying passion for photography which triggers the photographer in him to visit some of the most astonishing places on Earth, capture its beauty and show it to the rest of the world. Enjoying all the fun road trips with his team, Chris is on a mission to tell the world why we should protect and preserve Mother Nature through his photography.

Starting as a surf photographer at the age of 19, Chris used to shoot surfers riding the wave and later sold those photos to earn a quick buck. He also shot portraits, weddings, outdoor, travel subjects, etc; basically, he took up any and every type of work that came his way.

Later, as it happens with everyone, even Chris got bored of shooting surfers on crowded beaches and was hit over the head by reality. He realised that this is not what he was looking for. Chris always loved open spaces and one fine day he decided to explore the world, take up adventurous activities and capture the beautiful moments on his own.

It was his first trip to Iceland that made him realise, that this is where his passion lies, and this is what he wants to do for his entire life. An Instagram sensation, who has nearly three million followers (and still growing), Chris has given us a truly tremendous film – Under An Arctic Sky.

Below we’ve listed four reasons why you should watch it:

  1. Witnessing Iceland

Iceland, as the name suggests, is a place full of snowy landscapes and chilly winds. The place is nothing more than a wonderland waiting to welcome tourists from all over the globe. Iceland has clean water, fresh air, good food and friendly people who go to great lengths just to help you. Iceland has four seasons and every season comes with its own uniqueness.

  1. Amazing Surf Scenes

You may have heard people say they are good surfers and can ride the waves in any water. But not all surfers can do so in the bone chilling waters of Iceland. It is only for the bravest of the braves, who have the courage to face those nerve-jangling waves that demand a lot of efforts and will power. The Icelandic weather brings many challenges to the surfers. Having gained a lot of experience, Chris’s team of surfers did an awesome job by surfing the waves splendidly in total darkness.

  1. Harsh Weather

According to Chris, the key to anything that’s worth doing is that there has to be some level of UNCERTAINTY, and boy it the biggest uncertainty! Though the weather at Iceland is miraculous and overwhelming, you have no idea when it will change as it has a mind of its own. Knowing the weather was getting worse and bringing one of the most terrible storms in twenty-five years in the history of Iceland, Chris and his team did not lose their self-esteem and shot through the climate, which kept getting shoddier and lived to tell the tale without any scratch.

  1. Watching the Northern Lights

It is truly miraculous to watch the supernatural northern lights also known as Aurora Borealis. There comes this most amazing moment in the film where we all can witness the magic of nature’s night lights, as they cover the sky and enchant its viewers… Sporting diverse shades of Green, Pink and Violet, it’s really astounding to see them dance in the sky and light up the water. Now imagine, surfing the waves while getting engulfed by these mystical lights…so cool, isn’t it?

This TED speaker and his team travelled all the way to the most freezing region, fought harsh weather conditions, surfed and shot one of the best documentaries on surfing in cold province of Iceland.

A lot of efforts were taken by Chris and his team to bring this frosty adventure to you. If you are looking to watch something surreal, we are sure this film will do its best to keep you spellbound through the end!

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