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The 5 secrets to increase your productivity thanks to mobility

The creation of a mobile workforce with a high level of support technology is one of the best things an organization can do to involve its employees. In particular, a recent study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit showed that companies with high mobile rating rates experienced a 16 percent increase in productivity compared to those with low rates.

This is because busy professionals are constantly on the move, whether they travel to another meeting or combine work and family life. But just because employees are not in the office tied to their computers does not mean they can not use their time wisely. It is not uncommon to have a lot of “dead time” -Waiting for coffee, commuting on the subway, 15 minutes of waiting to pick up children from school, all this time could be used differently, if We had the tools to do it.

But if employees have a smartphone or tablet, they already possess the most important tool in their business tool belt. In fact, according to 2016 Wrike’s mobile productivity report that surveyed 850 professionals, 43 percent said their mobile device was “very critical” for the job. And 44 percent of respondents use their device for work-related business more than 20 times a day.

Most of us make good use of our phones and tablets to respond to emails, business related texts and calls when we are on the road. But there is much more that can be done with your mobile device, even if your organization does not provide first-class mobile technology.
You can increase your mobile productivity by following these five expert tips:

  1. Take advantage of the latest application updates that allow a more immersive mobile experience. Application developers are constantly changing their creations, correcting errors, adding new features and improving functionality and security. The fact that an application has not met all of its mobile workforce needs before does not mean it will not do so in the future. Keep your applications up to date so you will always have access to the latest campaigns and alerts and greater productivity in the home work.
  2. Discover how to multitask on mobile devices. When you’re on a team, it’s easy to switch between tasks and run several applications at once. For example, you can watch a video and check the time without video interruption. It is also possible to take knowledge of your favorite social networking site, read an email that has just arrived and return to your social networking site, without missing a beat. For a long time, that was not possible on mobile devices, but now, some offer limited multitasking. Explore options such as the switching application, the split-screen display and more on your mobile device.
  3. Discover how to work offline in mobile applications. As we all know, Internet connectivity is not available everywhere we go. And when you’re working on critical business applications, losing the connection is not an option, is it? Actually, there are several applications that work offline. Some allow loss of short network or intermittent connectivity and use a “store-n-forward” method to temporarily store user data while connectivity is down. Others are designed to be used during an extended network of lost days, in some cases. Explore your options and increase your mobile productivity enormously.
  4. Expand your storage on the phone creatively to transport more data for offline work.Your mobile productivity is limited by the amount of storage the device can handle. But there are a lot of simple ways to achieve this. The most obvious is to buy a micro-SD card or an adapter to add an SD card in case the device does not have one. In addition, you can clear the application cache and remove applications that you no longer use, since each one occupies a storage space on the device. But one of the best ways to earn more storage space is the use of the cloud. A cloud storage application automatically backs up your mobile device data (including files, photos and more), which gives you the freedom to free up additional storage space on your device.
  5. Use devices such as small Bluetooth keyboards or a mouse with your mobile phones. Sometimes they are the simplest solutions that can affect our mobile productivity to the maximum. Making the mobile device can be used as your computer will make it possible to see an immediate change towards increasing the productivity of home work.

Mobile devices have become part of our essence. And with continuous productivity applications in an upward curve, with 125 percent growth sessions in 2015, more and more people are using their mobile devices as a primary way of accessing email, applications like Microsoft’s suite generate more productivity. With that growing trend, companies and developers are constantly looking for ways to make our experiences more fluid and inspiring for us. And proving that smart phones complete tasks intelligently and on the move.A website called SoftwareKeep, From there you can Purchase Microsoft Office For Mac.

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