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Should You Install Your Chimney Liner Yourself?

It is always better to do liner installation by someone who has the good experience. As the liner, if not fixed properly leads to problems like leakage, replacement, serious fire problems unless you are well talented or previous experience gives a fruitful placement with the proper toolkit. The construction in which you live is before 1940’s build up it does not have clay tile liners. But after 1940’s the clay tile liner is constructed for starting on the construction of the building. As time moved the construction of chimneys with metal is started along with traditional brick and motor ones. The type of chimney is not a matter of concern as the flue running inside chimney carries smoke and combustion of gases out of the building without any damage leaking through the damaged lining.

Only a qualified chimney cleaner finds such problems and then immediate cleaning had to be done or new chimney liner is to be installed. These sweepers will check for such leakage to prevent you and your family members. In new metal liner, the breakdown or old ones had to be replaced give it to them. Maybe these might have joint missing or leakage.

The handy tools and the better understanding of the chimney and fireplace gives better fitting of the liners. Thus, the things to check on is as follows

  •   Local building and code for fire safety
  •   The license is required in some areas
  •   Precision work under dangerous conditions
  •   Time-consuming
  •   Metal chimney liner involves sharp cutting on both ends of the chimneys, making precise joints, caps, bends.

Leading to improper work will lead to serious damage to the existing situation. Thus always re-motoring, removing bricks and tiles will favour a lot in chimney liner construction.

The correct cuttings and placing it fit can be done only by the chimney workers as they are provided with proper instruments and measuring smoke level is also done alone with these.

Thus, smoke control is also done at once without any confusion. The carbon monoxide leaks and creosote. The perfect creosote improves the energy efficiency of the appliances making it easier for the fireplace maintenance too easier.

With this knowledge, we may ask ourselves as to why can’t I install a liner? This is an excellent doubt. Yes, always you can do the installation of your liners despite you are well versed in it, rather it is better to hire a chimney lining company to be sure of safety and all work done at once with proper finishing and security. They also help you to check on the flue deposition, waste removal leakage level and prevention of further complications such as creosote poisoning, and other health hazards. The Only thing is that ensure proper verification of the company before handing the work and the house.

So, flue relining, Chimney relining, chimney cleaning is all done at once by them. As it all depends on the Chimney lining company, regarding the quality. Always call chimney lining workers to do these works and complete it perfectly ensuring safety.

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