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SAT: What is it and Why Should you take this Test?

If you are planning to give Sat exam but you have no clue what the test is all about then you are at the right place. Remember in case you are thinking of applying to college, it’s important that you know what the SAT is and how this would affect your application procedure.

Sat is one of two standardized college admissions tests in the US. The other one is the ACT… it is run by the College Board, a non-profit that even administers the PSAT and the AP: Advanced placement program. You know SAT was originally taken from and Army IQ test and managed as a college admissions test for first time in the year 1926. However, the test didn’t really catch on till 1933, when the president of Harvard began to use the test to measure scholarship applicants because he thought it was an effective gaging of intellectual potential. This aspect of the SAT helped push its popularity and by the 1940s, the test become the standard test for all types of college applicants and was mangedto over three hundred thousand people across the nation.

Why folks take SAT?

The SAT is a standardized test that is there to acquaint schools with how prepared you are for college by gaging main skills like computational ability, reading comprehension and clarity of expression. Since a plenty of students take this test, it also caters schools data about how you compare to your peers countrywide. Don’t be anxious, you can join Sat preparation Singapore and do your preparation in the most effective manner.

You’ll nearly have to take the SAT or ACT in case you are planning to apply to any colleges or universities in the United States.  It is because most of the institutions would ask you to submit test scores with your application. Depending on where you wish to apply, your SAT score can account for as much as fifty percent of the admission decision. Thus the point is afirma test score is significant.

What SAT encompasses?

The SAT possesses ten sections: the first section is  always the essay, shadowed by two reading, two math, one writing, and then one experimental section of twenty five min each (it is in a random order), and next there is one twenty minutes reading, one twenty minutes maths , and one ten  minute writing section. The test is mostly with multiple choices, with the exclusion of the essay at the start of the test and 10 grid-in questions in one of the twenty five -minute math segments. You have to be prepared for all the sections if you really want to score well. You cannot do any type of speculations during the test. You have limited time to solve the questions and you can’t take risks. After all, it is about your admission in a good institution for higher studies.

So, if you find it complicated to prepare at home then you can look out for a sat exam course. A course would equip you with all the information and help you prepare in an effective manner.

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