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Most Spectacular Underwater Tour – Bali Manta Ray Snorkeling:

Nusa Penida is a large island of approximately 20 km. located in the southeast of Bali, in the Badung Strait. On a one-hour boat trip, you can access the Manta Point dive. The imposing white limestone cliffs and the arched formations of Southern Nusa Penida welcome you before you dive into the most spectacular Bali Manta Ray Snorkeling.

Bali Manta Ray Snorkeling is located in a sheltered bay with no currents and with waters rich in plankton. This fact causes the rays blankets to be attracted to this area throughout the year.

That approaching and standing almost completely near the surface to let clouds of resident cleaner wrasses feed on the parasites attached to their skin. These small fish approach their mouths, enter the gills or walk along the surface of the bodies of the blankets to get food safely. You just have to settle in the background and enjoy a show that has been taking place on this site for millions of years.

The immersion does not represent any special difficulty and, at the most, you will descend to 20 m., Depth to contemplate at the same time more than seven examples of these giants. Your chance to see them is always guaranteed throughout the year, although the best time is from September to June when the sea is usually quieter. In addition to the rays, it is common to spot nurse sharks, blue spotted rays and a large number of tropical fish species in this dive.

Other interesting things to do in Bali Manta Ray Snorkeling:

Scuba Diving:

If you are a diver with very well experience or you are novice diver, Bali has a renowned diving industry. This place is the home to many expert divers.

You can enjoy stingrays and mola on the coast of Nusa Lembongan. You can explore a shipwreck in Tulamben and appreciate the coral reefs along with the coast. The temperature of the water usually remains around 27o C throughout the year.


Beginners can take their first waves in Kuta, Legian, or Seminyak. Experienced surfers can enjoy the well-known shipwrecks, Padang, Uluwatu Reefs, and more.

Enjoy the beautiful beaches:

If you are visiting Bali Manta Ray Snorkeling, you can also enjoy many beautiful beaches. You just need to apply sunscreen, wear a hat and enjoy on the beaches in Bali. You can also relax by doing Yoga on the beach. It will be a really refreshing experience.

Go for the cooking class:

Balinese cuisine is one of the popular cuisines and also it is very easy to prepare and of course, it is delicious. Spare some time and enjoy preparing these treat on your own. Tourist and popular cities such as Canggu, Ubud, and Kuta offer various cooking classes aimed at travelers willing to add a little flavor to their life.

Do not miss to visit cultural sites:

In Bali Manta Ray Snorkeling Tour, you will also get to see various temples, shops, rice terraces, beaches, and museums. You can easily go for these places and visit. If you are in Bali for a few days, it is better to take a guided tour.

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