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Lavish Home Features Fit for The Rich

For most of us, houses that have lavish attributes like pools, chef kitchens and acres and acres of land with splendid landscaping are something that we wouldn’t even dream of. But for the few out there who can afford to splurge on every amenity imaginable, there is an array of choices from which they can select.

So, what are the features that are so in demand for all the Richie Riches who have everything?

Mentioned below are a few features that are a must-have in lavish homes for people who have millions to spare.

An Outstanding View

How amazing would it be to wake up every morning and have an outstanding view to look at while enjoying a cup of tea? For someone who has the money, a home with an excellent view of the mountain, ocean or the city’s landscape is an important feature. Luxury homeowners and buyers have the liberty to go for a home that has the beautiful ocean on display or maybe a cascading waterfall. Maybe even a rooftop viewing deck to take in the beauty of the full view? Too over the top? Well, why not when you have the resources!

Intimidating Gated Entry

When you are rolling in dough and are rich enough to be able to afford anything you want, you will have to spend quite a bit to ensure that the safety of your money and your assets is assured. The answer to this question is a gated entry with a long and winding driveway that will be too tedious and intimidating for a burglar to even think of robbing. A home that is safeguarded with heavy duty fence with guards crawling all over will obviously have state of the art security system in place which is enough to deter even the most determined burglar. It goes without saying that the security guards have to be top notch. Another advantage of a gated entry is that it gives you the much-needed privacy. It explains why celebrities prefer gated entries – to keep the paparazzi at bay!

A Larger Than Life Pool

A millionaire doesn’t just have any pool; they have ‘the pool’. And when we say larger than life, we mean a pool complete with the best filtration system enveloped in breathtaking landscaping, lounging area and gorgeous view. The real symbol that oozes of luxury is the highly popular infinity pool. Wonder why it’s so popular? It’s because this pool creates an illusion that shows water reaching out towards the horizon or its namesake, to infinity. Luxury homeowners know that they have it all and they have worked hard to be where they are. A pool like that is a reward and an excellent way to relax by a body of water that you own and one that is infinite.

A Master Suite That Screams Royalty

The one place where you can be very comfortable in your home is the bedroom or if you are well to do, a master bedroom. But speaking of the Richie’s and their riches a master bedroom is no match; what they have is a master suite. A master suite is more or less a full-sized apartment in the guise of a bedroom right within the house. Some stately homes are so huge and impressive that they can accommodate a family of four in their master suites alone.

Some luxury homeowners might have even two master suites out of which one is usually reserved for important guests. These come equipped with his and her closets, private sitting areas and steam showers. There are designer radiators installed to make these suites as comfortable as possible. At times we see regular people struggling to fit one king sized bed in their master bedroom, but the rich have got a sense of style along with tons of money so obviously they’d prefer space that’s enough for anything they’d want. Why go for a bedroom when you can have a suite all to yourself!

The saying ‘If you’ve got it, flaunt it’ is very apt over here. If you have the money so why hold back? Live life king size and decorate your not so humble abode with the most lavish knick knacks possible!

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