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Convenient and transparent service tax return submission

Any enterprise who provides different types of services to the customers and where the value of the services provided is 10Lakhs or more during the previous financial year, has to pay taxes to the government twice a year. The service tax is payable by 25th.October and 25th.April every year. The service providers have to be very careful to pay tax within stipulated date, otherwise a penalty is payable. The nature of this tax is indirect because it is levied on the services provided. The entity providing the services can be a company, a firm, individual or Hindu Undivided Family. From October 2011 the service providers have to file the tax returns online. The service providers should be very particular in relation to the prevailing tax rates when they charge the tax from the customers.For the purpose of submission of the returns, every service provider has to be registered to particular regulatory body named ACES (Automation of Central Excise and Service tax).

Ensure successful submission

Firstly, the declaration forms have to be filled up, entering the proper TPIN (Temporary personal Identification Number) and password. The moment you enter such number on the relevant website then address of the registered office of the provider appear on the screen. Then you have to file the return and click in the right box to save your setting. Then you have to press the relevant button for submission. In case of successful submission you will be provided with a particular number. Though it has become quite convenient to submit such return with the help of electronic method, but still you need the related consultants for the various calculation and computation purpose.

Effective application of software

In relation to service tax filing procedure, it is mandatory that irrespective of whether the enterprise has provided taxable services or not it has to file the tax returns. Today, the software application introduced by the government has become quite useful for the tax payers. The automation process today extends to refunds, dispute resolution and audit. In case the taxpayer wants to avail the advantage of preparing the data offline first, before uploading them, he has to download relevant forms from the official website. Another advantage of the online procedure is that, the filing method becomes very transparent.

Furnishing all details

It is always a prudent approach to submit tax return by the stipulated date. Sometimes the due date of submission is determined on the basis of the services provided. You will find the useful service of the experts who will help you out in relation to the computation of the tax amount payable. The provider has to provide proper proof of address of the registered office along with the return. The service provider has to furnish full details about activities and the amount of transactions.

Error-free and quick submission

The online submission is error-free and the process is quite quick. You can submit the returns in two ways, either you can entirely follow the online process or you can file the data offline and then upload it. In case any modification is incorporated into your return file, then you have to press the relevant button for effective application.


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