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Compare PS4 Online Deals with Contract Phones

For some years, several developers have worked to configure their consoles with televisions. And although it is a good option to enjoy your video games, Sony has been responsible for expanding your options to play, offering you the possibility of free ps4 console with phone. In this article you will know how to connect the PlayStation 4 to the phone or tablet and thus be able to enjoy your favorite hobby, from anywhere.

It is important that you keep in mind that to connect your free ps4 console with Contract phone or tablet you must download the PlayStation mobile application, since from there you can browse the profiles, compare trophies and even buy content, which will be downloaded later. Automatic in your console, whenever you are active or in standby mode.

Although the application lacks some important functions, such as the fact that you cannot see the messages, and these move them to a separate application, without a doubt, it remains a very practical and useful option for owners of PS4.

If you need to send a message to a friend on PlayStation Network (PSN) or check your PlayStation account from your phone, you can also use new My PlayStationsocial portal in your web browser.

Using the play station mobile application

Step 1: Download the PlayStation application

Before downloading the PlayStation application for iOS or Android, it is recommended that you update your Smartphone or tablet to the latest version of the operating system. If you are an iOS user, you must at least have version 6.0 in order for the application to work correctly, while Android users must at least download version 4.0.

Once your device is up to date, go to iTunes or Google Play and enter “PlayStation “in the search field to find the application.

Touch the Install button to start downloading the application on your Smartphone or tablet as you normally would with another function and then open it. The first time you enter this application from your phone, you will see a message that asks you to log in to your PSN account, so do it to keep moving forward.

After logging in, you will have access to most features of the application, including events, live broadcasts and the PlayStation Store.

Step 2: Synchronize your Smartphone or tablet with your PS4

To start the synchronization process, touch the Connect to PS4 button located in the lower left corner of the PlayStation application and select the Second screen option . From there, you can choose your network console. Write it in the text field of your Smartphone or tablet, select Register and then your devices will begin to synchronize. That easy!

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Step 3: use the application

Now that your Smartphone or tablet is synchronized with your PS4, you have access to a wide range of tools. However, it is important to know that some PS4 games such as Metal Gear Solid V and Watch Dogs will have some limitations, since not all the functions you normally enjoy in these games will be available in the phone application. But do not worry, because to counteract this, Sony has offered complementary features of free ps4 with phone contract that will help you not to feel the absence.

On the other hand, the Battlefield 4 application provides access to your PSN friends and your multiplayer statistics, and even allows you to customize your weapons and character loads on your mobile device.

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