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Chatbots for your business: How effective are they?

With the fast-paced modern life, every person wishes to get an answer or a solution as fast as possible. Though the service providers or sellers of products try to get in touch with the buyers or clients at the earliest, it is not possible for them to reply at the very same moment of an inquiry. Here technology comes to their help with a solution which is known as chatbot.  If you are a business owner, it is imperative that your customer gets a fast service and can reach you easily. Providing email address or a customer care number so that a customer can reach out to you is a conventional customer service method. The evolution of a better customer service turned in the form of development of Chatbots. Here we are going to discuss about how Chatbots can help you provide a better experience to the customer. The users need to install this system, and it will answer the service or product with the help of an inbuilt system.

What is a Chatbot?

As a customer, you must have interacted with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) many times before talking with a customer service executive. Chatbot in a similar way is interactive, but it can imitate a form of human interaction over chat. The Chatbot is software which chats with a human and executes commands that are sent via a message. For instance, one wishes to book a taxi but does not have enough time to call and book one. In this case, the person can open a Chatbot application and send a message “Book a cab from my location to a certain location”. The Chatbot will execute the command and book a cab in less than a minute.

Why does your business need a Chatbot?

A Chatbot can perform multiple tasks much faster as compared to conventional methods. Chatbots can help you get rid of day to day tasks and respond to multiple users at a time. If your customer gets an immediate response, he is going to be loyal to you and also refer your business to other people. In this way, your client base gets expanded by verbal publicity as well.  You can consult top Chatbot development companies which can develop a Chatbot as per your requirement and help you deploy one on your business website.

Types of a Chatbot

Like every other product, there are various types of Chatbots as well. One has to choose a specific type of Chatbot for better results. Chatbots can be divided into two types according to their coding, one of these types is a pre-programmed Chatbot (simple Chatbot), and the other one is an intelligent Chatbot which learns through daily experiences and streamlines its performance based on customer interactions. Chatbot development software companies will always ask you what type of bot you desire to use in your field of business. If you do not have any specific idea about what Chatbot suits your requirement, then the professional will help you choose one.

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