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Are you thinking of decorating your walls with Islamic calligraphy art canvas? Most certainly, a significant modern innovation in the field of Arabic calligraphy for saleis that of Islamic calligraphy on canvas. In this type of art, verses of the Holy Quran are printed or painted on high-quality canvas in a calligraphic style. Prior to dwelling in detail on this form of art, let’s try to first comprehend what is traditional or classical Islamic wall art.

Traditional Islamic wall art generally includes a verse or a small chapter of the Quran stitched with golden thread on a black background, mostly silk or velvet. The choice of colours is inspired by the colours of the fabric covering the Ka’aba at the Masjid Al-Haram in Makkah. Traditional or classical Islamic wall art comes in different forms like colourful wall carpets, usually handcrafted in Iran, Turkeyand India. These rugs are densely filled with elaborate floral patterns on the borders even as Islamic calligraphy is neatly stitched onto the central part.

Down the timeline, there have been innovations in Islamic wall artthrough the use of new mediums and techniques. For example, two trends have become quite significant. One, the vinyl wall decals. These are large, budget-priced vinyl stickers that can be directly pasted on the surface of the wall, doing away with the requirement of framing or drilling a hole into the wall. Wall decals are produced without colours or backgrounds or other visualdistractions, thereby turning the attention of the onlooker to the calligraphy and the message of the text.

The second popular new category is the one mentioned in the beginning of the article –Islamic canvas art. Unlike the calligraphy-only focus of vinyl decals, Islamic canvasart uses colours to highlight the calligraphic art and the verses as well.

Colours are indeed an important feature of wall décor. A splash of colours brightens up our homes and liftsour moods too. The common saying ‘add colour to your life’ means that one should live their life with colour, that is with energy andpositive attitude. Many people nowadays paint the walls of their homes in a colour other than white. Sometimes, only one wall in a room is painted in a non-white shade, generally a very bright or a very dark hue so as to add to the contrast.

Islamic calligraphy canvas artapplies colours to Arabic calligraphy, with canvas being the medium. Canvas has an artistic texture which enhances the art value of Arabic calligraphy for sale. If you are shopping for Islamic canvas art, you would find artworks in a range of colours –red, blue, green, purple, beige and other shades of the palette. Sometimes, one colour is used, and sometimes multiple colours are splashed onto the canvas. But colours are only an attention-attracting tool, and calligraphy remains the focus of Islamic canvas art. After all, when it comes to the art of Islamic calligraphy, the message is of primary importance, and that is what the buyer is really seeking.

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