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5 Ways to Look Dashing in a T-Shirt

Men’s fashion is simple. Throw on a pair of t-shirts, pair it with denim jeans and maybe top it with shades if you are feeling too fancy, and that’s it. You’re good to go. Men’s wardrobe needs hardly any decision or thoughts. Or does it?

Men have gone back time and time again to their comfort zone, the same old t-shirt. Why? Because it works. That being said, t-shirts have reached a point where the style has become saturated. The fashion experts are tired of seeing the same apparel worn in the same way over and over again. The fashion industry deserves a new revolution. There is a yearning for a revised aesthetics for men.

A new updated look does not necessarily require getting rid of the t-shirts altogether. The need for the hour is to find new and innovative ways to don custom t-shirts that are not only in tune with the latest century but also makes the wearer able to attract the gazes of the lot and not just be another brick in the wall.

Here are 5 ways to look drop-dead gorgeous in a t-shirt: –

Know the Occasion

The most important thing to know about wearing a t-shirt is knowing when not to wear it. Although a versatile piece of clothing, they are not meant for all occasions. For instance, men’sgraphic t-shirtsmay look amazing and appropriate for a concert, they are an absolute No-No for a formal meet. T-shirts a mostly casual attire and would look completely out of place in a formal setting where a dress code has been mentioned.

Get Your Fit Right

It is essential to know your size, especially when you are ordering t-shirts online. While a tight t-shirt can make your look bulkier in all the wrong places, a loose or ill-fitted t-shirt can make you look like you are swimming in your clothes. Ill-fitted clothes can ruin your silhouette and present an unattractive appearance to the onlookers. You need to ensure that the shoulder seems actually matches your shoulders. If they go any lower, it means that your t-shirt is larger for you.

Style you T-shirt Well

A key to making you T-Shirt stand out from the rest is to accessorize it properly. Top your t-shirt with a suave neckpiece or a casual scarf around the neck to give you t-shirt some extra oomph. You can borrow a page or two from the runway fashion magazines or from your favorite celebrity’s wardrobe and incorporate it into your own fashion statement.

Choose the Right Color

While most people focus on the t-shirt itself or its style, color can also be a deciding factor. You need to make sure that your t-shirt is not see-through. Not only is it unattractive, feels cheap but also looks like an undergarment. It is better to go for darker t-shirts for men especially if you are on the heavier end of the spectrum since they are a little more forgiving with the extra weight. The monochromatic pattern creates the illusion of a leaner body frame and also makes you look taller.

Choose the Right Shoes

Sure, you can pair your t-shirt with an open toe sandal, but only if you are going to the market. Going to your friend’s house or for a party with a sandal on simply makes your look lethargic. Pair the ensemble with canvas or sneakers to give a put-together yet laid-back vibe.

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